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Simply Soup

(8oz, 3 Crackers) $4.49 / (12oz, 5 Crackers) $5.49 / (16oz, 8 Crackers) $7.49 / (32oz, 10 Crackers) $10.49.

Monday white bean (meatless)   
Tuesday vegetable (meatless)   
Wednesday chicken (real chicken)   
Thursday vegetarian chili   
Friday clam chowder   
Saturday wholesome daily surprise   
Sunday wholesome daily surprise   


Colossal Patty Includes Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo & Mustard Add $1.10. Spicy Vegan Dipping Sauce $0.85.

Jamaican Spinach Or Cabbage Patty     3.10
Jamaican Chicken Patty     3.20
Jamaican Jerk Chicken Patty     3.35
Jamaican Curry Chicken Patty     3.35
Jamaican Seafood Patty     3.59
Jamaican Fish Patty tilapia    3.45
Nachos 1/2 order nachos with black beans, cheddar cheese and guacamole   6.99
with black beans & soy cheese   8.25
with guacamole   9.25
with guacamole and grilled chicken   11.75
with guacamole and tofu   10.75
Shrimp sweet & sour, grilled or battered (sm 10pcs) 9.75 (lg 15pcs) 12.99
Caribbean Hot Wings served with ranch dressing, carrots & celery sticks (6pcs) 10.49(9pcs) 12.99
Grilled Or Steamed Vegetables  sm 6.49lg 9.49


Wholesome Tostada ground turkey, grilled chicken or chopped tofu, black beans, salsa, green salad with avocado on whole-wheat shell   11.49
Green Salad With Chicken Salad Or Tuna Salad    9.99
Green Salad With Grilled Chicken    10.99
Green Salad With Grilled Shrimp    11.49
Green Salad With Grilled Veggie Patty    8.99
Green Salad (8oz) 3.99sm 5.99lg 8.49
Salad In Pita    5.10


Couscous     3.25
Baked Sweet Potato     1.85
Simply Greens & Grains   3.25
Simply Fresh Coconut   3.00
Steamed or grilled broccoli    2.49
Black Beans   2.49
Brown Rice   2.49
Peas & Rice   4.25
Candied Yams    3.99
Fresh Fries    1.99
Plantains    2.49
Macaroni Pie   4.25
Mac & Cheese   3.49
Cornbread   .99

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