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Real Wholesome Catering

Wholesome meals perfectly proportioned for Special occassions.

Large Chafer CK Drummet   60.99
Large Chafer Grilled Stir Fry Veggies    71.99
Large Chafer Fresh Fruit     49.99
Large Mixed Rice & Beans     68.99
Large Pan Green Salad    41.99
Large CK Strips W/O/P   71.99
Large Plantains    68.99
Large Beans   19.99
Small Pan Rice & Beans   36.99
Small Pan Plantains   36.99
Large Mac & Cheese    96.99
Large Collard Greens   68.99
Large Peas & Rice   118.00
Cocktail Spinach   18.99
Cocktail Chicken    19.99
Cocktail Fish   21.50
Cocktail Jerk   20.99
Cocktail Cabbage   18.99
Cocktail Curry   20.99
Cocktail Seafood   21.99

Wholesome Catered Desserts

Whole Bean Pie   8.99
Whole Carrot Cake    33.99
Whole Chocolate Yellow Cake    25.99
Whole German Chocolate Cake    33.99
Whole Sweet Potato Pie    13.99
Whole Sweet Potato Pecan   14.99
Whole Peach Cobbler    27.99
Whole Coconut Pine    27.99
Whole Vegan Cobbler    40.25
Whole Vegan banana Pudding   21.99
Whole Vegan Carrot Cake    25.99
Whole Vegan Chocolate Pie    21.99

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