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Whole Pies & Cakes Are Available To Order "3 Day Notice".

Banana Pudding    3.49
Peach Cobbler    3.49
German Chocolate Cake     3.99
Chocolate chocolate Cake     2.99
Yellow chocolate cake    2.99
Carrot Cake    2.99
Coconut Cake    2.69
Cheesecake    2.69
Blueberry Cheesecake    2.65
Pecan Pie    2.79
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie    2.69
Lemon Pound Cake    2.69
Sweet Potato Pie    2.49
Carrot Pie    2.49
Honey Bean Pie    2.49

Vegan Desserts

Cheesecake    3.25
Carrot Cake    3.75
Rice Dream - soy non dairy ice cream    3.49
Banana Pudding   4.25 6.99
Sweet Potato Pie    2.75
cobbler mango, peach or apple   3.85
Key lime Pie    4.25

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